Elite Coaching / Consulting

Red Buffalo is a coaching and consulting firm for rare leaders and organizations. Our goal is to work with the one percent, the exceptional leaders, and make them better.

Raison d’tre

Red Buffalo is a team of gritty and scrappy leaders. We are a thoughtful organization that cares about the depth of your organization as well as the breadth.  We have a decades-long track record of caring for important gospel organizations. We help organizations with their most nagging problems, to get started, to get “unstuck”, to dream big, alleviate pain points, scale and excel in order to become more effective, sustainable and fruitful. Our unique differentiator is our strong ability to both ideate and implement strategies – we turn ideas into action. We often see what others don’t see. We are an action-oriented team that is highly networked and committed to making things happen for the organizations we serve.

Crème de la crème

Not all clients are a great match for Red Buffalo. We seek to partner strategically and exclusively with the best in the world. We’re drawn to people who despise mediocrity. People who are focused, intentional and highly driven to impact the world in legitimate ways, not just through smoke and mirrors. That’s not our game. Red Buffalo is different and so are the clients we attract.

Brett Lamberth, Missioteca President

“As a small organization, we were looking for both personal coaching and strategic guidance to develop a path toward growth. We had numerous opportunities and a lot of enthusiasm, but no clear, pragmatic partner who could help us build a plan and execute it. Red Buffalo’s willingness to dive right in and help, balanced with expertise and a commitment to a plan, made working with them really appealing.”

David Michael, Truth 78 Founder & Executive Director

“Providing this recommendation for Red Buffalo is such a small thing compared to the extraordinary help that we have received.

Red Buffalo stepped in to help us at one of the lowest points in our ministry.  God used them to rekindle hope, renew vision, and fuel passion.  I found their wisdom and guidance invaluable while navigating the challenges of rebranding and organizational development. What I appreciate most is their use of “we” and “us” when interacting. Not only do they speak like they are one of us, but they really have become one with us in zeal for our vision and mission. 

They are truly co-laborers with us for the comprehensive discipleship of the next generation. “